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In 2002, Etheline Desir founded Desir Group based on input she received from a variety of sources along
with her own firsthand observations, which included an American College of Healthcare Executives survey
revealing that minorities held less than 2% of the executive positions in the healthcare industry. Under
her guidance, Desir Group has made significant contributions in that regard, placing many qualified
minorities in key leadership positions across the country. Building on her Fortune 100 experience in
banking, finance and technology as well as her experience working with top-tier, C-suite search firms,
Etheline has developed a highly respected healthcare search and performance management firm with an
enviable client roster.

By leveraging her wealth of C-suite search experience, she intentionally introduced a platform of services
around talent acquisition, retention and performance management, professional image and personal
branding to meet the needs of today’s evolving multicultural landscape. She helps her clients build and
accelerate a culture of meaningful diversity and high performance. Etheline she is highly respected for
her employee acculturation expertise, which is especially valuable in developing clinical departments
where multiple generations and foreign nationals are responsible for patient care.

Pertinent to retained executive search, Etheline has set Desir Group apart in the battle for qualified,
diverse talent by helping clients avoid wasteful and costly mistakes by focusing on hiring for “fit” the first
time. She is certified in Advanced DISC Assessment, which strengthens her understanding of
organizational dynamics and human behaviors and work-style preferences. Her skills and professionalism
help explain Desir Group’s impressive 97% placement retention rate.

Etheline actively engages in various professional organizations, including the American College of
Healthcare Executives, the National Association of Healthcare Executives and the American Society of
Healthcare Human Resources Administration as well as civic and social organizations. Etheline was born
and raised on the island of St. Lucia and moved to the United States as a teenager. She received a
bachelor’s degree from Atlantic Union College in Lancaster, Massachusetts and an MBA from
Northeastern University in Boston.