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Healthcare, Higher Education and Non-Profit Trends

We are pleased to share our thoughts, ideas and insights, not only about the executive search, culture transformation and performance (change) management services we provide, but also about the relevant trends we see in the healthcare and nonprofit industries.


Exploring Obstacles to Success for Early Careerists in Healthcare Leadership

There exists a disconnect between some graduate program requirements and currirula and those of today’s health system. Vast resources are available to students, but they must know where to find these resources and how to use them to take ownership for their success.


Diversity Agenda Remains a Priority Even in Tough Economic Times

Healthcare organizations have to be very careful when considering who to hire for management and executive level positions. Not only must an applicant have the right leadership competencies and educational qualifications, they must also embody a unique set of values that justifies filling those positions.


Successful Executive On-boarding – A Leadership Retention Tool

With the escalating cost of hires today, the proper on-boarding of new executive hires is critical and should be viewed as a business imperative. It provides a roadmap upon which the foundation for success is built. Adequate support systems and clearly defined goals accelerate the assimilation, and improve the performance and learning curves of the new executive.


Servant Leadership

The Apex of the Third Paradigm in Leadership Thought: The concept of servant leadership as a leadership model for serving a cause, an organization, a team, and individuals is reviewed.